Lucky Cow Processed Cheese

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Net mass:120g

8 portions

Store cool & dry plac between 2 0C -5 0C

Each portion 15g

Contains:Calories 47kcal (2%),

              Fat 3.8g(2%),

             Carbohydrate 0.5g (9%),Calcium 90mg(0,2%),

             Protein 1.4g(3%),Vitamin D 3%,Vitamin B12 -3%,

             Vitamin A-3%


Ingredients: Chedddar Cheese,Butter,Milk Solids,Emulsifying Salts (E450,E452,E339),Food Salt,Water,Lactic Acid,Stabilizers(E415,E407) FDM)Fat In Dry Matter) 55% minimum.

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