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Positive Practical Training Institute

Positive Practical Training Institute (PPTI)

Positive Practical Training Institute pvt (ltd) introducing Sri Lanka’s No. 01 outbound training programme who’re consider on Motivational Team Building, Developing Management soft skills, personnel confidence and leadership skills. Our training programmes are informative, interactive, creative and entertaining. Because of the unique technique of relating theories with activity based outdoor learning sessions, proven to inspire, engage and get the very best out of individual and terms.

positive practical training institute is a sister company to Lucky Lanka PLC which conducts Outbound training, behavior skill training and team building workshops combined with more exciting and entertaining event and methodologies.

'Lucky Challenging Outbound Programme' is an informative, interactive and creative chain of programmes designed especially for corporate Employees to improve various skills for better personal development.

Types of Training
  • Motivational team building
  • Developing management soft skills
  • Developing personal confidence and leadership skills
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LDB Investments

LDB Investment (Pvt) Ltd

LDB Investments (Pvt) Ltd is newly established micro financial service company to provide Financial Loan facilities for Dairy Farmers. The main objective of this financial service is to empower local dairy farmers to improve utilities and infrastructure related to dairy farming and to improve the quality of dairy sector of Sri Lanka.

As Local Dairy farming industry at the risk of diminishing with poor standards and lack of financial facility, our company dedicated in providing loans with the aim of improving standards and sustaining the local dairy farmer.


Lucky Lanka Auto

Lucky Lanka Auto (Pvt) Ltd

Lucky Lanka Auto is yet another sister company to Lucky Lanka recognized as an emerging auto parts professionals with reputation for best customer service and quality spare parts.